The fluids research group at MOX is active in the development and application of innovative, accurate and efficient numerical methods for a variety of computational fluid dynamics problems. Main application areas are free surface flow for boat design and environmental applications, fluid-structure interaction, numerical methods for numerical weather prediction and climate simulation, simulation of volcanic eruptions, compressible and incompressible turbulent and reactive flows, simulations of heat transfer problems for thermal management.


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Streamlines around sails
Rossby Haurwitz wave in spherical geometry
Upwelling thermal plumes in turbulent convection
Advection-dispersion of a pollutant in the Venice Lagoon
Turbulence structure in stratified flow over a hill
Internal waves in stratified flow over a hill
Blood flow in a compliant carotid
Free-surface flow around a rowing boat
Ice formation (gray) in turbulent convection downwelling plumes (light blue)
Pyroclast concentration in volcanic eruption