Atmospheric flows



Internal waves in stratified flow over a hill

Internal waves in stratified flow over a hill



We study and develop numerical methods for atmospheric flows at different  spatial scales  in collaboration with research groups in climatology,  meteorology and volcanology. Accurate and efficient numerical techniques for spatial and temporal discretization are employed, with special emphasis on DG methods for space discretization and advanced semi-implicit and exponential methods for time discretization, along with adaptive strategies for the reduction of computational cost.

Some of our research areas:

  • High resolution atmospheric modelling in cooperation with ICTP Trieste, for application to numerical weather prediction and regional climate modelling. High order finite elements, adaptivity techniques and efficient time discretization approaches are employed to increase speed and accuracy of the simulated atmospheric phenomena.
  • Numerical modelling of volcanic eruptions and pyroclastic flows, in cooperation with INGV Pisa, for application to risk assessment of these natural hazards and to the investigation of complex multiphase dynamics.
  • Large Eddy Simulation modelling for compressible flows, in cooperation with the Aerospace Department of Politecnico di Milano, for application to environmental turbulent flows.

People interested in our activities can have a look at our journal publications or contact luca.bonaventura(at)